Kind Words

Our sweet Doula Danielle has been the most wonderful support and friend during the most vulnerable and best time of my life. If you are a mom or about to become a mom, I could not recommend her enough- she very much feels apart of our family. Sleep is a magical thing when you’re a parent and probably the best gift you could give yourself and she’s been able to give us that, we are so grateful.
Jen and Zack- 2020

Danielle is a breath of fresh air! She provided us support during the most challenging chapter of our lives---after the arrival of our son. We had pictured a seamless transition from a 2 person family to our new family of 3 but the transition was far from what we pictured. Sleepless nights with a colicky baby took all our energy until we met Danielle. Not only was she able to give us the physical rest we needed while watching our son overnight, every night that she arrived her presence brought an immediate calm and energy to our house. She was helpful in uplifting my baby blues and took the time to stay and chat with us each night. She truly became a part of our family! Our son is now sleeping through the night in his own crib and we can't thank Danielle enough for her help in making this happen. Our pup still waits at the front door hoping to see Danielle come at night!
-Nassim- 2019

Having Danielle be a part of my pregnancy and birth gave me so much comfort & peace. It was my first pregnancy and there was so much unknown, Danielle was always there to answer any questions or concerns I had. She was such a great presence to have during my labor & delivery and I couldn’t have imagined it without her! She’s an amazing Doula!
Brittany- 2018


I have no words to thank Danielle for all of her help, care and kindness during my pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery. She was absolutely amazing sharing information, finding our needs and facilitating the communication between us and the care team. Strongly recommend!
-Alessandra- 2017


Danielle was so amazing in helping me realize what I am capable of as a new Mom. She supported me and offered advice where needed. It is great to have someone to watch the baby so I can catch up on sleep or slip out for a little me time.
-Kelly- 2018


In the very beginning, having someone to help out at night (and let us catch up on sleep) was huge. As kiddo got bigger, Danielle was great at jumping in and helping wherever she could, even without being asked. It was nice to come back from an errand or a workout and cuddle with kiddo and not worry about doing dishes or folding laundry - really nice reprieve.
-Ksenia- 2018


Danielle in three words - knowledgeable,  responsible and charismatic.  Not only has Danielle been taking care of our twin girls since we brought them home from NICU but she has been giving us extremely helpful advice all along.  As new parents, having someone with a bag of tricks to help you through a challenging chapter of your life is invaluable. I don't know how we would have made through the first 3 months without her help. Danielle is a baby whisperer :)
Victoriya- 2018

Danielle is wonderful.
Not only is she a great asset to your team for the baby, she also takes care of the family (including dogs!). She is warm, caring and very knowledgable on all things baby- and always sharing new learnings! She has been such an asset and always willing to support in anyway and over text also with any questions.
We highly recommend using her to support you with your baby. It’s been a key and wonderful decision to have her help us at night. 
Aditi- 2019

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